What is Clary Sage?


Clary sage is an aromatic herb, with a fresh, sweet-herbaceous scent.


At Aromatherapy Associates we source our Clary Sage essential oil from fields in the South of France.

The plant is cut and left to dry in the fields under the sun’s rays, then gently steam distilled for its distinctively warm and herbal essential oil.

Whilst associated for many health benefits, did you know that Clary Sage is also known as ‘eye bright’ because of its traditional usage as a treatment for eye health and vision.





 What are the key benefits?


The Clary Sage essential oil has been used for many years for its soothing properties and calm-inducing effects.


It is known as one of the most relaxing, restorative and balancing oils for our mind and body as it creates a warm, herbal, appealing note to the scent.


In aromatherapy circles, clary sage essential oil it is widely used to help with anxiety, tension, depression and stress.
The key medicinal plant of the ancient world was sage.


It's Latin name 'salvia' which quite literally means 'saviour’, and that’s precisely how we like to describe it at Aromatherapy Associates. Our Saviour of the Essential Oils.



 Where do we use it?


We use Clary Sage Oil in our Inner Strength essential oil blend collection.

This blend was created by our founder to help deal with life's out of the blue moments.

This "coping mechanism in a bottle" is a hand-blended fusion of anxiety-soothing Clary Sage, emotion-grounding Sandalwood and purest Geranium to balance scattered emotions.

Emerge from a bathing experience with our Bath & Shower Oil followed by our nourishing body treatment or body oil, feeling comforted and reassured.




The ‘saviour’, Clary Sage is cut and left to dry in the French fields before distillation to develop its warm, herbal, sweet scent,
and is widely renowned in aromatherapy for its ability to help with anxiety, tension and stress.



Which Aromatherapy Associates blends have Clary Sage Essential Oil in?



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