De-Stress Collection

Nicola Addison: connected to our De-Stress Collection

Nicola Addison, is on our panel of Wellbeing Experts and is our designated De-Stress spokesperson. Our De-Stress Collection is the perfect connection to complement Nicola’s area of expertise. De-Stress has been expertly blended to ease mental and physical congestion, leading the way for relaxation. Organise thoughts with De-Stress mind, with Frankincense and Camomile to calm and refocus the mind, paired with refreshing rosemary, this oil can give you a fresh outlook on situations causing stress or anxiety. Ease tired muscles with De-Stress Muscle, Black Pepper to relieve pain, Lavender to reduce inflammation and Ginger to warm and stimulate circulation. Essential oils can stay with you for 6-8 hours, keep that post bath feeling topped up with Layer-Locking the De-Stress Muscle Gel followed by De-Stress Body Oil.

Being no stranger to stressful situations, Nicola has a background in business planning, development and strategy having opened over fifteen leisure facilities. Nicola knows exercise is a key tool in the relaxation process. Using her expertise as a personal trainer and knowledge of stressful environments she can advise on how relaxation is a collaborative process between the products you use and the actions you take.

Nicola drives the collaboration between exercise and wellness to enhance lives. As our Wellbeing Expert, Nicola offers her expertise and can teach us how the hormones released during exercise can counteract those released by stress. Nicola also touches on how aromatherapy can aid in enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Nicola is available to comment on articles relating to De-Stressing or coping with Stress as well as exercise tips.

Mindful kindfulness tips to yourself from Nicola:
  • Go on a walk, make eye contact and smile at someone you don't know.
  • Congratulate someone you know & make it specific. Meaningful praise only!
  • Make time in your calendar and visit someone you don’t see regularly.
  • Say 3 nice things about your body EVERYDAY whilst getting dressed.
  • Discover your own strategy to alleviate stress. Listen to your favourite song, speak to a loved one….find your stress triggers and seek ways to fix them within yourself.