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Deep Relax Himalayan Bath Salts

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Take a moment to indulge in your bath time and unwind with the Deep Relax Himalayan Bath Salts. Infused with a calming and relaxing essential oil blend of Vertivert, Camomile and Sandalwood to help ease your body and mind whilst preparing you for a good night's sleep. Our Deep Relax Himalayan Bath Salts are extracted from crystallised sea salt beds found deep within the Himalayas allowing you to experience their renowned therapeutic and soothing effects helping you to relax and unwind.
How to use
Bathe in the therapeutic benefits of the Deep Relax Himalayan Bath Salts by adding two to three spoonful's of bath salts to a warm running bath. Step in the bath and relax as the powers of aromatherapy work to help you unwind from a busy day. Extend your luxurious bath experience by applying Deep Relax Body Oil to clean skin to help relax your muscles in time for a goodnight's sleep.
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