Global Leaders in aromatherapy and mindful beauty for over 30 years, we help you stop and create balance in your life. Addressing your specific concerns with our finest hand-blended, therapeutic grade essential oil products, expect to be taken on a sensory journey to enhance your overall wellbeing.

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"It's more than a business for us, it's a way of life."

- Geraldine Howard, Co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates

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Each one of our carefully selected luxurious gift sets will take your loved ones on a sensory journey.


Experts in Aromatherapy

True aromatherapy oil blended by hands in London.

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Discover and experience our award-winning collections. From Skincare to Bath & Body, you'll be sure to find something perfect for you to enjoy a mindful moment at any time during the day. 

Discover The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Discover how aromatherapy works

Aromatherapy works to improve and balance you emotionally and physically and helping you to take time out, be mindful of ourselves by connecting to ourselves even for a moment. The aromas experienced during aromatherapy through the use of essential oils delivers a dynamic effect. Discover how this can help you in daily even when on the go..

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30 Years of Expertise

We are proud of our heritage and our roots.

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Find a mindful moment

Take a moment to clear your mind and focus on your wellbeing with our home rituals.

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The Art of Body Brushing

A new wave of at home beauty pampering has occurred in the form of body brushing.

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